Some Nice Reviews

Narrator Devon Sorvari captivates listeners with her magnificent portrayal of Joey, a 20-something everywoman who is attending a San Francisco art school in 2011. Sorvari exquisitely expresses every moment of Joey’s nail-biting distress and sharply observed humor as she wrestles with the demands of her overwhelmed mother and drug-addicted sister, her perpetual lack of money, and her envy of her privileged classmates. Portraying a cast of similarly aged characters is a challenge Sorvari ably meets. With subtle shifts in her intonation and expression, she differentiates Joey’s friends and classmates. It’s a joy to listen to Sorvari’s wondrous portrait of a young woman who is learning to trust others and finding her path. M.J. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award © AudioFile [SEPTEMBER 2022]
Tell Me I’m an Artist, by Chelsea Martin
Devon Sorvari gives a stunning performance of this timely and powerfully affecting audiobook about a young family in dire circumstances. Tuck; her husband, Paul; and their young daughter, Agnes, squat in her late grandmother’s home on a remote Maine island. The family’s meager funds are being depleted by Paul, who is addicted to an herbal opiate. Sorvari wonderfully mines the resilience and bravery of the one-of-a-kind Tuck, who forages for seaweed to feed her daughter as she struggles to keep her family going. Sorvari imbues the novel’s precise and poetic language with emotion and urgency, creating a hypnotic listening experience. This provocative and harrowing audiobook is essential listening. M.J. © AudioFile [OCTOBER 2022]
Lungfish, by Meghan Gilliss